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Fiddlesticks and Silver Spoon by punzil504
Fiddlesticks and Silver Spoon
Vectored EQG style, but based on a story concept that I had a while back where Cheerilee gives her class a homework assignment to learn about some local Ponyville folks that they might not normally associate with.  Silver Spoon's report is about Fiddlesticks, and after a shaky start, she actually learns a few new things about the Apple Family and their long history with her best friend's family.
EQG LD, Suri, and Coco by punzil504
EQG LD, Suri, and Coco
This shouldn't have jumped the line, but it was just one of those things...  I'm not really accepting any new requests at this time.

Lightning Dust and Suri Polomare are from screen shots of the ponies they are foils for, Rainbow Dash and Rarity, respectively.  The screen shot of Rarity also contained a very meek Twilight, who was easy to turn into Coco Pommel, because I just had to.  Maybe this will keep those creative juices flowing.
Beauty Brass, EQG style by punzil504
Beauty Brass, EQG style
I managed to find a pretty good screen shot of Pinkie Pie with a sousaphone from Rainbow Rocks to make this.  I wasn't really sure what to do as far as the color of her outfit, so I decided to go for the semi-professional black and white... then threw some pink in as well because of her bow tie to add a little more pop.
Triplets by punzil504
About four years ago, I created some characters that I stuck in a fictional D&D styled world centered around the fishing community named Othorol.  I took it one step further and made an AU of Othorol that plopped it down in central Massachusetts near the CT/RI border.  Amanita, Cacophony, and Emmanuel live there, along with Princess and some other characters.  Another group of stories that will likely never get put up anywhere, but at least I get to practice my line-art every now and then.  Ironically, the original reason that I got Inkscape was to see if it was any better at turning line-art into... something better, but I never really took that next step (because I started making ponies instead).
Alicorny by punzil504
Inspired by a discussion in the comments section of this story, although it borrows a page from Maud and Coco

Who are Sweetcream Scoops and Blossomforth fighting?  What is Blossomforth doing dressed as the Masked Matterhorn?  Why (if the horn isn't just part of Blossom's costume) are they both alicorns?  Which one of them has the better color scheme?

I'll leave it up to the viewers to decide for themselves.
I have this thing for numbers... so the other day I decided to see whether there was a certain character that I draw more than others.  I already had a good idea of who it was, and was surprised to find out that she was not who I expected, although I shouldn't have been too surprised.  So I decided to compile a list of the top 10 characters who appear in my vectors.  I originally ended up having to do a top 13, but Lyra Heartstrings recently turned a 4-way tie for 10th into a 5-way tie for 6th, and Blossomforth moved up into a tie for 4th.

(List updated Feb. 22, 2013)

Twilight Sparkle: 11 times
Daring Do: 9 times
Trixie: 8 times
Blossomforth: 8 times
Ditzy "Derpy" Doo: 8 times
Spike: 6 times
Aunt Orange: 5 times
Fluttershy: 5 times
Lyra Heartstrings: 5 times
Rainbow Dash: 5 times

As I mentioned before, I wasn't surprised that four out of the top 5 are from the Manehattanverse, considering that this is where most of my requests have come from.  Twilight Sparkle is a tricky one, though.  She's been spotted as a dragon, a doll, and a changeling queen in addition to her "normal" self.  If I had to give an award to a pony whose "shape" I used the most but actually appears very little, that award would go to Apple Bloom.  She only actually appears once, but she was used as the base for Derpy and Fiddlesticks in Merry Go Round, Cotton Cloudy in Ein Prosit, and Octavia in Fillies Play.  Merry Go Round Derpy was cloned 7 times for various palette swaps, with Raindrops being used in MGR and Blossomforth With All Your Might.  Oh, and Tangerine's bangs came from Applebloom as well.  So that's 13 vectors using her (or a piece of her) as a base, but she only actually appears once. (Another Tangerine vector and the base for Cacophony bring it up to 17 as of 2/22.)

Pinkie Pie comes in second with 9: Trixie in Manehattan Six, Carrot Top in Lunaverse Six, Surprise in MGR, Apple Strudel, Bluenote, Vinyl, and Noteworthy in Ein Prosit, and Blueberry Cake.  She appears as herself once in MMC, and then I R63'd her...  Plus there's her foam finger and Jazzercise outfit...

Of course, at least Applebloom, Cloud Kicker, and Pinkie Pie appear at least once as themselves.  Sweetie Bell was a model for Bluenote, Lyra, and Roseluck in MGR, the original Filly Granny Smith, Featherweight, Fillies Play Trixie, and Masked Matterhorn Dinky Doo.  Seven vectors, no Sweetie Belle.



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I play the tuba, and attempted to teach myself how to play the banjo (with mimimal success). I've written some insignificant fanfiction comprised of OCs that I can't figure out how to properly share with others (or if it is even worth sharing).

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