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Diamond Tiara's Worst Nightmare by punzil504
Diamond Tiara's Worst Nightmare
The Cutie Mark Crusaders weren't the only ones having difficulty sleeping during Bloom and Gloom...
Pinkamena Maud? by punzil504
Pinkamena Maud?
Another project  that I've been working on was giving me a headache (Thanks a lot, Scootaloo...) so I needed to do something simple to keep my inspirational juices flowing.

This came from a discussion about Pinkie's mane, its foibles, and whether it's genetic or not.  What would happen if straight-laced Maud's mane went poofy?
Fleetfoot by punzil504
Fleetfoot didn't really have a good screen shot that I wanted to use, so her head was taken from one pony (Cloud Kicker, I think...) and her body was another, possibly Derpy.  Then it was just a matter of getting her colors, mane, tail, and cutie mark right.
Spitfire by punzil504
Spitfire flying solo.  This was actually vectored from a screenshot of her in the Hurricane Fluttershy episode, only she's without her uniform in this case.
...between a journal entry and a status update other than the Journal Entries seem to be more permanent on my profile.

This update is probably more appropriate as a journal entry.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm pretty awful when it comes to following through with requests, which is one of the reasons that I've been flat out telling folks that I don't want to vector their OCs.  Maybe that makes me a jerk, and if so, I'll have to live with that.  One of the biggest reasons is because if someone requests that I do such a thing, ESPECIALLY in EQG style, I am going to take a lot of artistic liberty with it.  I'm not claiming to be a good artist.  I vector, which means that I'm taking screen shots and turning them into a pony or EQG human.  If there isn't an existing screen shot that comes close to what I can see in my mind, I fudge it, and it's not going to be 100% exact.  That also includes color palettes.

I also don't do this 7 days a week, because while I may not have a life, I do have to work, and to put it bluntly... being the selfish bastard that I am, I do a lot of my art because I like it, not because someone else does.  On days inspiration fails me... I used to play Farmville, but lately I don't even bother with Facebook anymore.

But enough bitching and moaning from me.  Here's some stuff that I actually want to try to accomplish.  Like my New Year's resolution from 2014, I don't expect to complete half of it, but i figure if I put it in writing, maybe I'll actually get to it.  In no particular order:

1) Megan from G1.  By request.

2) Oasis from Sluggy Freelance, EQG style.  Because I can, and it would be a challenge.  Plus I think Pete's a closet Brony... although it could be his daughter's influence.

3) Flipside Twilight and Spike, EQG style.  If Spike's the pony and Twilight's the dragon, then in F!EQG, Spike would be the human and Twilight the dog...  could be an excuse to draw Twilight as Zoe from LPS.  I haven't decided yet.

4) Something with Cacophony.  She's my own OC, and I hardly even sketch her anymore, never mind write about her.  She may be borderline Wesley (which every trope knows is worse than a Mary Sue), but she's mine, dang it, and she deserves some love from her creator.  She's the reason I joined DA, which was at least a year before I became a brony...

5) Someone new.  As of Twilight's Kingdom (my submission, not the episode), at one point or another, I've done a decent majority of the show's youth (Twilight Time), a whole slew of the adults (Twilight's Kingdom and Blossomforth with All Your Might) but there are still so many characters that I've never even attempted.  A few glaring examples include Celestia and Luna, Sapphire Shores, Prince Blueblood, Braeburn, Ms. Cake, Nightmare Moon, Ahuizotl, Diamond Dogs, Trenderhoof, Hoity Toity, Fleur, Donut Joe, Twilight's parents, Rarity's Parents, Junebug, Cherry Jubilee, Nurse Redheart, Iron Will, and others who have official names (according to the Wiki, anyway).  Celestia and Luna are probably the biggest omissions from my files... Fun Fact: they were supposed to appear in Blossomforth With All Your Might, if you can believe that, but they just didn't make it into the final product.

6) I do have a... it might be a fetish?  Yeah... for playing "vector dress up," which is basically dressing a background (or occasionally main character) up in someone else's clothes.  Best examples are Pinkamena Harshwhinney and Jazzercise Filthy.  I'm going to be doing more of that.

7) A shot of Beauty Brass with Symphony and the tuba player from Three's a Crowd who I call Beau Bass for... reasons.  It fits with a story that will get submitted someday.
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I play the tuba, and attempted to teach myself how to play the banjo (with mimimal success). I've written some insignificant fanfiction comprised of OCs that I can't figure out how to properly share with others (or if it is even worth sharing).

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