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Find the Music by punzil504
Find the Music
I'll admit, I already had half of the answer to my status question in mind when I posted it... and it was King Sombra.

He's got his comic mane and eye colors, but his show coat color, because was there really a need to lighten his coat to make him "good?"  Thunderlane would disagree.

And as fun as Discord is, after thinking it over I really wanted an excuse to use Claude the Puppeteer from Inspiration Manifestation.

Sonata gets to be the Fluttershy of the group because she's just so darn cute, although I also really like the way Adagio came out.
The Ponytones are Rarity, Mac, Toe Tapper, Torch Song, and Fluttershy.

Hypothetically speaking... in a world where Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk were the females in the Ponytones, who would represent the two males?  Discord and Claude?  Flim and Flam?  Flash Sentry and Bulk Biceps?
Lightning Dust and Suri by punzil504
Lightning Dust and Suri
Together again as requested by :icontitanimal:

Lightning Dust is wearing Shadowbolts gear, and Suri is wearing a yellow version of Rarity's camping outfit from Sleepless in Ponyville.

Suri went through at least three different pairs of boots before settling on the white ones.  She was starting to consider asking Lightning Dust to trade with her...
Shadow Dust by punzil504
Shadow Dust
EQG Lightning Dust wearing Shadowbolt gear.  First part of another Suri/LD collection.
I have this thing for numbers... so the other day I decided to see whether there was a certain character that I draw more than others.  I already had a good idea of who it was, and was surprised to find out that she was not who I expected, although I shouldn't have been too surprised.  So I decided to compile a list of the top 10 characters who appear in my vectors.  I originally ended up having to do a top 13, but Lyra Heartstrings recently turned a 4-way tie for 10th into a 5-way tie for 6th, and Blossomforth moved up into a tie for 4th.

(List updated Feb. 22, 2013)

Twilight Sparkle: 11 times
Daring Do: 9 times
Trixie: 8 times
Blossomforth: 8 times
Ditzy "Derpy" Doo: 8 times
Spike: 6 times
Aunt Orange: 5 times
Fluttershy: 5 times
Lyra Heartstrings: 5 times
Rainbow Dash: 5 times

As I mentioned before, I wasn't surprised that four out of the top 5 are from the Manehattanverse, considering that this is where most of my requests have come from.  Twilight Sparkle is a tricky one, though.  She's been spotted as a dragon, a doll, and a changeling queen in addition to her "normal" self.  If I had to give an award to a pony whose "shape" I used the most but actually appears very little, that award would go to Apple Bloom.  She only actually appears once, but she was used as the base for Derpy and Fiddlesticks in Merry Go Round, Cotton Cloudy in Ein Prosit, and Octavia in Fillies Play.  Merry Go Round Derpy was cloned 7 times for various palette swaps, with Raindrops being used in MGR and Blossomforth With All Your Might.  Oh, and Tangerine's bangs came from Applebloom as well.  So that's 13 vectors using her (or a piece of her) as a base, but she only actually appears once. (Another Tangerine vector and the base for Cacophony bring it up to 17 as of 2/22.)

Pinkie Pie comes in second with 9: Trixie in Manehattan Six, Carrot Top in Lunaverse Six, Surprise in MGR, Apple Strudel, Bluenote, Vinyl, and Noteworthy in Ein Prosit, and Blueberry Cake.  She appears as herself once in MMC, and then I R63'd her...  Plus there's her foam finger and Jazzercise outfit...

Of course, at least Applebloom, Cloud Kicker, and Pinkie Pie appear at least once as themselves.  Sweetie Bell was a model for Bluenote, Lyra, and Roseluck in MGR, the original Filly Granny Smith, Featherweight, Fillies Play Trixie, and Masked Matterhorn Dinky Doo.  Seven vectors, no Sweetie Belle.



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I play the tuba, and attempted to teach myself how to play the banjo (with mimimal success). I've written some insignificant fanfiction comprised of OCs that I can't figure out how to properly share with others (or if it is even worth sharing).

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